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Winter Boots

It’s snowing outside and your day has just begun. Your primary goal is to complete your routine as smoothly as possible. You need winter boots that can help sustain your journey until you get back home. Universal Textiles offers you snow boots, tall boots, hiking boots, rain boots, and waterproof boots to combat the cold weather. Our way to help you keep your feet warm is by providing you with the highest quality of boots.

Our range of winter boots

If you’re in love with navy blue boots, get these StormWells Fastening Unisex Insulated Boots. These boots are detachable with the insulated fleecy foam lining. While these boots have water resisting properties, you can experience waterproof benefits up to the ankle seams. It is polybagged with PVC molded soles. These boots are available in a range of sizes; you can buy them online.

Another pair of Cotswold Explorer Unisex Snow Boots that you can use for winter hiking are in stock for you. They are perfect for climbing, designed with low heels and fleece lining. The fastening is Bungee cord and Toggle. It’s breathable, galosh, lightweight, and slip resistant – your reliable hiking companion.

You can also try the Cotswold Adults Chase Touch Fastening and Zip Up Winter Boots. It has fleece linings and is a hybrid snow boot with waterproof rubber galosh, gusset zip front and touch fastening strap.

Not sure how to select the right boots? We’ll help you with a short list of tips.

How do I select the right winter boots?

Getting into deep snow will test the quality of your boots and the health of your feet. Your boot’s ability of water resistance will determine the durability and capacity to take more trips.

Here’s a short guide on selecting the right winter boots.

1. The Fit

Firstly, winter boots can be worn for casual outings, or winter hiking. However, that’s the part where you have to specifically pick the right boots. Also, tight boots can make it challenging for you to walk long paths. They can result in cutting off the blood circulation in your foot, making you feel uncomfortable and edgy. You should select shoes that are soft and ones that fit you just right.

2. The Style

High-heeled boots might just make you feel great, but you must make sure that you don’t make your feet take the strain. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t feel trapped in your boots, not to mention, experience toe numbness. It’s the weight of your body versus how much your precious toes can handle on heels. Therefore, style matters but so does your comfort and feet’s health.

3. The Warmth

Factoring in the level of warmth your footwear can give you will make all the difference. You must consider other factors at play, that are, your activity level, circulation, sock type and thickness, and the fit of your boot. Boots may commonly come with synthetic fill, in names like PrimaLoft and Thinsulate along with a gram rating showing the thickness. Synthetic boots resist water and continue to insulate when wet, especially if water enters your boot or your feet get sweaty.

Furthermore, with synthetic insulation, you’ll find some winter boots include a separate removable felt liner, or they have interiors filled with sheepskin or wool. Whether these felt linings offer you significant warmth depends on their quality and efficacy to do their job of heat insulation. So, always be sure to ask the right questions, or check the model and brand while making your purchase.

4. The Boot height

Boots are designed to keep snow and ice from entering, so the larger the size, the more protected you are! However, this does depend on a few factors as well, like comfort, your travel plans, not long enough snow trousers, or gaiters, and so on. If you are looking for hiking boots then a model around 6 to 7 inches should do the trick. If you really prefer taller boots then go for the ones that come as high as 15 inches.

5. The Traction

If you’re buying boots for the winters, then buy the ones designed with traction. This means, they should grip well on snow and ice. You’ll find a wide variety of grippy outsoles and tread patterns to choose from, so choose wisely. The great news is that snow boots come with unique lug patterns and rubber compounds than their hiking boot counterparts. The compounds are softer and don’t harden during temperature drop. This helps the boots to sustain their grip abilities on slick surfaces. The lug patterns are designed at preventing snow buildup. Typically, hiking-ready models have the best traction, so don’t buy casual boots unless you are travelling on a less slippery road.

6. The two-piece or one-piece design

You must consider whether what you want is a one-piece or two-piece design winter boot.

Classic two-piece set-ups have a thick outer shell (leather mostly) along with a removable liner (felt). You get excellent waterproofing with these boots, along with the ability to remove the liner for drying and washing.

One-piece boots are made based on hiking designs to help you move flexibly, feel less sloppy, and have fewer moving parts to rub. One-piece boots are significantly lighter in weight, so it’s easier for climbing heights, and taking long journeys.

If you’re a boot lover kind of a person then don’t miss out on these online winter boots.

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1. In what sizes are winter boots available?

Winter boots are available in different sizes, depending on the pair you select.

2. Can I get a custom pair of boots?

No, we offer readymade boots, predesigned by respective brands.

3. Will I be charged for shipping my delivery?

Yes, shipping costs are involved.

4. Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Yes, we deliver across Europe and North America.

5. Can I cancel my order after the boots I purchased online are shipped?

We only cancel orders before the boots are shipped to your address.