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Front - Caterpillar Mens Elmore Safety Boots
Caterpillar Mens Elmore Safety Boots
Regular price£126.99£119.28
Front - Caterpillar Mens Striver Mid S3 Leather Safety Boots
Caterpillar Mens Striver Mid S3 Leather Safety Boots
Regular price£126.99£121.30
Front - Caterpillar Mens Exposition Safety Boots
Caterpillar Mens Exposition Safety Boots
Regular price£202.72
Front - Caterpillar Mens Invader Safety Boots
Caterpillar Mens Invader Safety Boots
Regular price£172.47
Front - Caterpillar Mens Powerplant S3 Safety Boots
Caterpillar Mens Powerplant S3 Safety Boots
Regular price£159.99£145.49
Front - Caterpillar Mens Elmore Safety Trainers
Caterpillar Mens Elmore Safety Trainers
Regular price£114.99£114.43
Front - Caterpillar Unisex Pelton Safety Leather Boots
Caterpillar Unisex Pelton Safety Leather Boots
Regular price£213.99£182.55
Front - Caterpillar Mens Powerplant GYW Leather Safety Boot
Caterpillar Mens Powerplant GYW Leather Safety Boot
Regular price£150.99£135.41
Front - Caterpillar Mens Bearing Lace Up Safety Boot
Caterpillar Mens Bearing Lace Up Safety Boot
Regular price£217.99£182.55
Front - Caterpillar Gravel 6 Inch Mens Black Safety Boots
Caterpillar Gravel 6 Inch Mens Black Safety Boots
Regular price£245.99£222.88
Front - Caterpillar Moor Safety Trainer / Unisex Safety Shoes
Caterpillar Moor Safety Trainer / Unisex Safety Shoes
Regular price£152.99£126.09-£136.23

Caterpillar Footwear

Gone are the days when people wore shoes that looked good on them, despite the discomfort. Believe it or not, the way your shoe fits you plays a major factor in your mood. In fact, many of you may have already experienced the impatience and restlessness of wearing a shoe that doesn’t fit like a glove. If it’s tight, you feel like your toes are breathing their last. If the shoes are loose, you have to walk cautiously to make sure they don’t fall off. The right shoes should be able to give you the necessary to build the right mood, and carry on your day.

Cat Caterpillar or Cat footwear knows the needless effort one needs to put with shoes that are not the perfect match. That said, let’s take you through three factors that contribute to great footwear.

Trademarks of Caterpillar shoes

 Caterpillar boots or Caterpillar shoes have trademarks of their own. However, before we get into what this global brand has to offer, you need to be aware of what to look for when buying shoes.

1. The Fit

Tight footwear can cut off the blood circulation in your foot, making you feel uncomfortable and edgy. You should select shoes that are soft and ones that fit you just right.

2. The Style

Heels make you look gorgeous, but do they make you feel gorgeous at the end of a long day? Pretty much the opposite! They make you irritable, not to mention, toe numbness. It’s the weight of your body versus how much your precious toes can handle on heels. Therefore, style matters but not at the cost of your comfort and feet’s health.

3. The color

Colors can affect your mood and how other people perceive you. The color of your shoe versus your skin color – here’s where you don’t want to commit a mismatch. While the color you prefer is entirely your choice, we’ll take you through some of the colors and their significance:

  • Red – Draws attention, signifies empowerment.
  • Orange – Subtly and less intense.
  • Yellow – Radiates happiness and easygoing attitude, mood lifter.
  • Green – Soothing color, and less strenuous to the eyes.
  • Blue – Calming color when stressed.
  • Purple – Signifies royalty, luxury, and creativity.
  • Pink – Calming, signifies romance and happiness.
  • White – A natural reminder of clear, bright days. Associated with peace and cleanliness.
  • Black – Stylish and authoritative. Gives an edgier look.

To get an idea of the right fit of Caterpillar shoes for you, head over to our collections today.

Best Caterpillar boots for you

Caterpillar boots are slip resistant, and are designed based on their purpose of wearing. For instance, gravel men’s dark beige safety boots for men are designed to tolerate tough wear and tear. These full grain leather boots are available in sizes from UK 6 to 13.

Similarly, leather safety boots for men have a steel toe work protection. These steel toe boots are lightweight and oil resistant. To add it, these toe boots are anti-static, energy absorbent heel, have a mesh collar, are padded with a padded tongue, have a penetration resistant midsole, and come with a PU collar.

Certain types of work require work boots that deliver the necessary flexibility and are slip resistant. The Premier Waterproof Composite Work Boots for men are your best bet when it comes to working with the best. These Caterpillar boots have a penetration resistant composite midsole, which makes it easier to walk in areas that are too mucky or watery, like construction sites, etc. These come in cement and goodyear welt construction. These boots are highly resistant to 300 degrees Celsius and have an open cell PU foam and footbed, thinsulate 200G technology.

Caterpillar boots for women are uber stylish and comfortable. For instance, the abbey slip-on safety boots for women come with nylon shanks for added support and stability. They can be worn almost anywhere as these caterpillar shoes are designed with heat, penetration, fuel and oil resistant outsoles. Other features include:

  • Easy breathability due to Nylon Mesh lining and nylon mesh molded EVA foot-bed
  • Hassle-free walking due to Steel toe and puncture resistant design

For women interested in lace up Caterpillar shoes, these Mae lace-up safety boots are the perfect match. They offer high-performing, slip-resistant outsoles to give you protective steel toe and electrical hazard properties. Wear these chukka boots to conveniently handle the tough environments of industrial work sites.

Caterpillar Moor Safety Trainers are unisex shoes meant for those who love to lace-up and go about their daily work. These shoes are heat resistant with rubber or phylon soles. This casual footwear is designed for routine outdoor travel that does not involve too much foot work. So, if you’re set out to the streets and do your routine store visits, these Caterpillar shoes can accompany you wherever you go. These shoes may not provide the level of protection as other hardware boots but they do the job for routine days.

If you’re looking for Caterpillar boots then Universal Textiles has a range of boots to offer, including shoes. These come in varying sizes and colors based on your preferences. We recommend you make sure to buy shoes by factoring into where you would be wearing them. You don’t need heavy boots if you want to wear them casually. At the same time, you don’t want to wear trainers if you’re on daily construction sites, or are involved in heavy duty sites.

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1. When can I get my shoes delivered?

Standard delivery days can take 3 to 5 business working days.

2. Can I get safety trainers in different colors?

Check our collections in Cat boots to find out the availability of your preferences.

3. Can I find Caterpillar shoes of my size 12?

Yes, you can find z size 12. Check out the range of shoe sizes available on our site.

4. Are Caterpillar shoes only meant for extreme usage?

Not really, Caterpillar has a range of lightweight shoes and boots meant for casual wear as well.

5. Are Caterpillar shoes stylish too?

Yes, Caterpillar shoes give you a stylish and smart look.