Craghoppers Jackets & Coats

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Front - Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Orion Jacket
Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Orion Jacket
Regular price£67.99£53.41-£70.85
Front - Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Expolite Jacket
Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Expolite Jacket
Regular price£102.99£35.37-£55.76
Front - Craghoppers Mens NosiLife Vitor Jacket
Craghoppers Mens NosiLife Vitor Jacket
Regular price£86.99£48.83-£70.85
Front - Craghoppers Mens Expert Basecamp Softshell Gilet
Craghoppers Mens Expert Basecamp Softshell Gilet
Regular price£82.99£18.51-£38.11
Front - Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Atlas Jacket
Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Atlas Jacket
Regular price£91.99£51.88-£83.93
Front - Craghoppers Mens NosiLife Fairborn Blazer
Craghoppers Mens NosiLife Fairborn Blazer
Regular price£211.99£122.08
Front - Craghoppers Mens Trillick Insulated Padded Jacket
Craghoppers Mens Trillick Insulated Padded Jacket
Regular price£152.99£68.78
Front - Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Expolite Hooded Jacket
Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Expolite Hooded Jacket
Regular price£122.99£55.33-£98.41
Front - Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Strata Jacket
Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Strata Jacket
Regular price£65.99£36.62

Craghoppers Jackets & Coats

The Craghoppers brand has been around since 1965, and decades later they still have something amazing to offer – an unforgettable experience. They’re mission has always been to create comfortable and practical full range clothing like packable jackets, outdoor jackets, waterproof jackets, wind resistant jackets, insulated jackets, lightweight jackets, and rain jackets. Their efforts have been relentless whenever it came to providing clothing that offers a dry and comfortable wear on any trail that they embark.

Craghoppers pride themselves on providing jackets for women and men that help compete with the unpredictable elements of any environment. They manufacture outdoor jackets by sourcing the very best innovative fabrics and materials.

Their jackets are made considering the traveller’s pursuits, for ease of movement like a walking jacket. They ensure durability, be it for men’s or women’s lightweight jackets. From men’s and women’s waterproof jackets to 3-in-1 warm jackets, you can shop our collections as much as you please.

AquaDry makes Craghoppers jackets waterproof, breathable and windproof

You can find a range of quality variations among the jackets and coats sold in the market. However, understanding the science behind what makes them durable for any weather will define a better purchasing decision. After all, you must get the best when it concerns spending on a product that stays with you long term.

To ensure that your jackets are waterproof, breathable and windproof, Craghoppers uses the innovative AquaDry technology. This technology is designed for the outdoors, featuring EcoShield that is a plant-based water repellent, making it a renewable source.

Craghoppers coats and jackets are designed with the AquaDry technology that delivers a combination of waterproof and breathable clothing. The technical fabric designed assures the highest level of protection and comfort. To give you a more technical perspective, the outer face is treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish. This finish is used to help sustain the outer fabric drier for longer. Therefore, the final product provides effective breathability benefits and all-round waterproof performance.

Craghoppers waterproof jacket for men

You can find the Craghoppers coats for men at reasonable prices and uncompromised quality.

Are you looking for Craghoppers coats, insulated jackets, or lightweight jackets? We’ve got it all here on Universal Textiles. You can choose from our collections and find your favourite one to suit your requirements and surroundings. Jacket lovers don’t need to deprive themselves during the hotter climates. Craghoppers jacket collections come sleeveless and lightweight, perfect even for seasoned travellers. 

Craghoppers waterproof jacket collections are made with resilient stretch material that help to control your temperature by wicking away moisture. If you are headed to rocky and mild terrain, insulated jackets, including men's fleece lined jackets are your best bet. They are both lightweight and wind resistant, and help keep you warm and protected from strong winds when hiking in extreme conditions. Finding the right Craghoppers coat collections for men is not as challenging as it seems, especially with our wide range.

Craghoppers coats for women at reasonable prices with unmatched style and comfort

If you have the spirit of an adventurer then a walking jacket is your best friend on that upcoming camping trip. Craghoppers jacket collection for women is designed to sustain lasting durability with innovative materials. Insulated materials with ClimaPlus technology are used for designing lightweight jackets.

Still not sure whether Craghoppers is for you? Then you must know that Craghoppers has invested time in engineering and designing ladies’ lightweight jackets that are durable, wind resistant, waterproof, and capable of moisture control, to give you the comfort you deserve. We have a range of women’s jackets and coats for all types of climates and destinations. If you’re a seasoned traveller, get your hands on these premium quality outdoor wear Craghoppers jackets.

Buying Craghoppers jackets online

Here’s the thing about buying jackets online; you can’t try them on until they are delivered at your doorstep, after purchase. Now, we understand the limitations of such a purchase, which is why we’re here to offer you these useful tips to know while buying Craghoppers waterproof jacket collections.

  • Online retail stores most often have size charts available for your convenience. We have size chart guides relevant for clothing and footwear. Remember that jacket sizing is based on chest and waist measurements, and may include arm length and hip measurements too.
  • It’s important to note that men’s jackets usually run larger as compared to women’s jackets. In some areas, men’s jackets are tighter or are tapered narrow towards the hips, while women’s jackets accommodate for wider hip measurements.
  • Check if the details mentioned provided details about the material of the jacket or coat. Knowing the material will help you determine how much give or slack the jacket will have in terms of stretchability. For instance, synthetic materials like polyester are less giving, whereas you can expect more give in natural fibres like wool or cotton.
  • Check if you can read through customer reviews who have bought the same coat or jackets online. This is a great way to know whether you’re getting the best side of the bargain, apart from the measurements, colour, and design.

Your wardrobe deserves a good jacket makeover. So, make sure you check out our collections before checking out with other items on Universal Textiles. We have a wide collection of Craghoppers jackets and coats designed to meet every climate. 

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1. I don’t want a jacket that’s too heavy.

We offer lightweight jackets for men and women in Craghoppers collections.

2. Can I get padded bomber jackets?

Head over to our Craghoppers waterproof jacket collections to find bomber jackets of varying sizes and colours.

3. Are Craghoppers jackets water resistant?

Yes, we offer Craghoppers jackets and coats which are waterproof and water resistant.

4. What types of collections do you have for Craghoppers?

We have all types from Craghoppers jackets, and waterproof coats.

5. Can I get a jacket for mildly cold weather?

We offer sleeveless Craghoppers jackets; head over to our collections to see more.