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Front - Trespass Baby Girls Tigan Snow Boots
Trespass Baby Girls Tigan Snow Boots
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Once your little angel has taken their first steps, it's time to think about Baby Booties, Baby Boy Shoes or Baby Girls Shoes. With so many brands, styles and models available, the choices can seem overwhelming at first. And, of course, you need Baby Sandals and Shoes for your tot as they learn to put one foot in front of the other.

Like baby booties, baby shoes and baby sandals need to be soft, with flexible soles so your baby can balance properly on their feet. Non-slip soles are a great investment, as long as they are not too thick. The area around the ankle needs to be flexible, allowing for free movement, and breathable materials are a good idea for all baby booties and shoes.

Examine how your little one walks in a pair of new baby boy or baby girl shoes. Do they appear to impede movement? When remove them, are there pinched areas of red spots? To make sure it's not too tight you should be able to put your little finger in between the baby's foot and the heel of the shoe, and there would ideally be around a thumb-width between the end of the shoe and the baby's toes. Check the fit of the shoes or baby sandals every month, and you can expect to have to buy new girls' or baby boy shoes every three to six months.

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