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Front - Caterpillar Mens Essentials Waterproof Jacket
Caterpillar Mens Essentials Waterproof Jacket
Regular price£97.99£75.21-£110.07
Front - Caterpillar Mens Squall Body Warmer
Caterpillar Mens Squall Body Warmer
Regular price£58.99£33.79-£66.47
Front - Caterpillar Mens Mercury Soft Shell Jacket
Caterpillar Mens Mercury Soft Shell Jacket
Regular price£102.99£55.59-£120.97
Front - Caterpillar Capstone Mens Hooded Softshell Jacket / Workwear
Caterpillar Capstone Mens Hooded Softshell Jacket / Workwear
Regular price£107.99£88.27-£94.81
Front - Caterpillar Mens Insulated Padded Jacket
Caterpillar Mens Insulated Padded Jacket
Regular price£164.57
Front - Caterpillar Mens Sequoia Jacket
Caterpillar Mens Sequoia Jacket
Regular price£90.99£88.27-£103.53
Front - Caterpillar Mens Arctic Zone Vest
Caterpillar Mens Arctic Zone Vest
Regular price£96.99£88.27
Front - Caterpillar Mens Essentials Padded Jacket
Caterpillar Mens Essentials Padded Jacket
Regular price£86.99£83.91
Front - Caterpillar Mens Trades Hybrid Body Warmer
Caterpillar Mens Trades Hybrid Body Warmer
Regular price£78.99£57.77-£83.91
Front - Caterpillar Mens Insulated Body Warmer
Caterpillar Mens Insulated Body Warmer
Regular price£96.99
Front - Caterpillar Mens Trades Bomber Jacket
Caterpillar Mens Trades Bomber Jacket
Regular price£99.99£92.63
Front - Caterpillar Mens Stealth Insulated Jacket
Caterpillar Mens Stealth Insulated Jacket
Regular price£148.99£120.97
Front - Caterpillar Mens H2O Hoodie
Caterpillar Mens H2O Hoodie
Regular price£99.99£90.45
Front - Caterpillar Mens Triton Workwear Jacket
Caterpillar Mens Triton Workwear Jacket
Regular price£127.99£66.49-£134.05
Front - Caterpiller Mens Concord Fleece Vest
Caterpiller Mens Concord Fleece Vest
Regular price£42.99£31.59

Caterpillar Jackets

When you wear a jacket, the overall quality of your state of mind changes for the better. You feel a familiar sense of bonding with your personality. And when the weather is cold and harsh, a jacket gives you the warmth you need. It becomes your reliable companion against the cold winds – that windproof jacket. When it rains, your waterproof coat jacket offers you a dry and cool journey back home.

CAT fleece jackets are available on Universal Textiles in different sizes, colours and patterns. So, be it the harsh winds or the stormy rains, Caterpillar fleece are your any day companion.

Caterpillar fleece pullovers at reasonable prices

Looking for a full zip CAT fleece jacket? The trademarks of Caterpillar offer you the special men’s essential padded jacket. This Caterpillar fleece will blow your mind with its branded tab, chin guard, extended back, inner storm flap, insulated, and waterproof features. There’s no need to worry about style when you’ve worn this breathable, durable and flexible jacket.

If you have the spirit of an adventurer then this men’s mercury soft shell jacket is your best mate. It has a removable hood, so you can strut with it, or not – your choice! You get a full front zip with an inside storm flap and beard guard. Need to keep the harsh weather from hitting you hard? This jacket has a secure zip check pocket with reflective piping details. It also has adjustable cuff tabs with a hook and loop closure, and cord locks at the bottom sides.

A CAT fleece jacket has you covered even when you don’t need long sleeves. Planning to go on a trip to a weather-friendly place? The Defender Insulated Sleeveless Body Warmer has an adjustable drawcord and cord locks and bottom sides for optimal fit. Other features include:

  • Inside upper left chest pocket with touch fasten closure and wire management
  • Quilted insulated body for warmth and maximum performance
  • Reflective logo print on left chest and back collar
  • Durable water-resistant finish
  • Full front zip with beard guard and storm flap
  • Inside lower left tablet pocket with hook and loop closure

When buying a CAT fleece jacket, ensure that you’re buying the right size that fits you. Your fleece shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose. Make sure you have enough room for movement as jackets tend to limit movement if you buy them too tight. The goal is to feel comfortable, and then focus on style. Caterpillar fleece jackets nonetheless offer the style and fashionable look that you need to feel and present yourself smartly.

Buying Caterpillars jackets online

Here’s the thing about buying jackets online; you can’t try them on until they are delivered at your doorstep, after purchase. Now, we understand the limitations of such a purchase, which is why we’re here to offer you these useful tips to know while buying Caterpillars waterproof fleece collections

  • data-mce-fragment="1">Online retail stores most often have size charts available for your convenience. We have size chart guides relevant for clothing and footwear. Remember that jacket sizing is based on chest and waist measurements, and may include arm length and hip measurements too.
  • data-mce-fragment="1">It’s important to note that men’s jackets usually run larger as compared to women’s jackets. In some areas, men’s jackets are tighter or are tapered narrow towards the hips, while women’s jackets accommodate for wider hip measurements.
  • data-mce-fragment="1">Check if the details mentioned provided details about the material of the jacket or coat. Knowing the material will help you determine how much give or slack the jacket will have in terms of stretchability. For instance, synthetic materials like polyester are less giving, whereas you can expect more give in natural fibres like wool or cotton.
  • data-mce-fragment="1">Check if you can read through customer reviews who have bought the same coat or jackets online. This is a great way to know whether you’re getting the best side of the bargain, apart from the measurements, colour, and design.

Your wardrobe deserves a good CAT fleece jacket addition. You don’t want to find yourself unprotected from uncertain weather. So, make sure you check out our collections before checking out with other items on Universal Textiles. We have a wide collection of Caterpillars fleece jackets and coats designed to combat moody weather.

CAT fleece jacket comes with versatility

The Caterpillar fleece jacket is as versatile as it comes for those working in variable conditions. These jackets offer almost unlimited freedom of movement, thanks to their four-way stretch shell bonded to a warm-yet-breathable grid-fleece lining.

The jackets have multiple interior and exterior zippered pockets that are secure. They also have protected accessories and necessities with reinforced elbow patches to ensure the jacket is workwear tough.

Worried about harsh weather? Chilly winds and other elements of nature don’t stand a chance against this jacket’s interior storm flap and soft chin-guard, tab-closure cuffs, and cord locks at the hem.

So, go to work unphased by the winds or rains. Checkout our 2022 caterpillar jackets online. You won’t be disappointed with the options available to you. What’s more is you get to select them based on your design preference and colour, pattern, and size. You’re not alone when it comes choosing a jacket based on the wrong preferences and then regretting its addition to your wardrobe. Every jacket offers a different extent of warmth and comfort depending on the one you choose, therefore, select your fleece jacket wisely.

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1. I don’t want a jacket that’s too heavy.

We offer lightweight jackets for men and women in Caterpillar collections.

2. Can I get padded bomber jackets?

Head over to our Caterpillar waterproof jacket collections to find bomber jackets of varying sizes and colours.

3. Are Caterpillar jackets water resistant?

Yes, we offer Caterpillar jackets and coats which are waterproof and water resistant.

4. What types of collections do you have for Caterpillar?

We have all types from Caterpillar jackets, and waterproof coats.

5. Can I get a jacket for mildly cold weather?

We offer sleeveless jackets; head over to our collections to see more.