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Front - Craghoppers Mens Selby Half Zip Micro Fleece Top
Craghoppers Mens Selby Half Zip Micro Fleece Top
Regular price£28.99£10.63-£14.17
Front - Craghoppers Corey II Lightweight Microfleece Top
Craghoppers Corey II Lightweight Microfleece Top
Regular price£31.99£11.72-£14.17
Front - Craghoppers Mens Expert Corey 200 Fleece Jacket
Craghoppers Mens Expert Corey 200 Fleece Jacket
Regular price£72.99£33.77
Front - Craghoppers Mens Stromer Half Zip Fleece
Craghoppers Mens Stromer Half Zip Fleece
Regular price£47.99£19.62-£49.05
Front - Craghoppers Mens Ramsay Overhead Fleece Pullover
Craghoppers Mens Ramsay Overhead Fleece Pullover
Regular price£62.99£49.75
Front - Craghoppers Mens Mannix Jacket
Craghoppers Mens Mannix Jacket
Regular price£62.99£37.04-£62.13
Front - Craghoppers Mens Selby Half Zip Fleece Top
Craghoppers Mens Selby Half Zip Fleece Top
Regular price£38.99£25.51
Front - Craghoppers Mens Expert Corey 200 Fleece Top
Craghoppers Mens Expert Corey 200 Fleece Top
Regular price£57.99£27.03
Front - Craghoppers Mens Expert Corey 200 Fleece Jacket
Craghoppers Mens Expert Corey 200 Fleece Jacket
Regular price£58.99£46.76
Front - Craghoppers Mens Expert Corey 200 Half Zip Fleece
Craghoppers Mens Expert Corey 200 Half Zip Fleece
Regular price£48.99£38.13
Front - Craghoppers Mens Knitted Half Zip Fleece
Craghoppers Mens Knitted Half Zip Fleece
Regular price£55.99£44.67

Craghoppers Fleece

Craghoppers fleece jackets are available with a wide selection of colours to keep you warm and comfortable. However, many people are confused about the use of fleece jackets and when they can be worn. Here’s some great news, you can wear fleece jackets on any one of these occasions.

  • When you want to warm up in cold weather before your workout or right before an athletic competition. You can take off your fleece jacket right before the workout or competition. This is because keeping warm right before a competition is helpful for athletes and swimmers to enable their muscles to respond quickly.
  • Alright, so maybe you aren’t an athlete but you still want a fleece jacket because you want to keep warm at night. Maybe you’re about to go on a camping trip to a region below 20 degrees. Your fleece jacket can prevent you from experiencing any kind of cold temperature shock.
  • Headed to an even colder region? Wear your favourite Craghoppers fleece jacket as an under layer during outdoor expeditions.
  • Want to just feel warm and cosy? You can wear your fleece jacket in and around the house. These jackets offer nothing but warmth and comfort, especially when you want to be in your pajamas on the weekend. You can even dash for the supermarket in your fleece pullovers on a good pair of trousers without having to change into anything else.

So, prepare to add the Craghoppers fleece to your indoor and outdoor wardrobe.

Types of Craghoppers Fleece collections

You will find many types of fleece tops present in a wide range of men’s fleece. There are also women’s fleece jackets available at Universal Textiles. We also understand that you would have a specific preference in mind while selecting a Craghoppers fleece. That is why we’ll take you through the different types of fleece that are present nowadays. Getting to know about them will help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

  • Microfleece fabric – This fleece is the thinnest among other fleece jackets. They are lightweight and are original mid-layers worn over base layers, under rain jackets and waterproof jackets. So, if you are looking for something that’s casual and live in areas where the weather conditions are not harsh, the microfleece jacket is your best bet. They offer the lowest level of insulation with the highest breathability rate. A fleece of up to 200 gsm (grams per square metre) is considered a microfleece, allowing great flexibility during physical exercises.
  • Mid-weight fleece – A mid-weight fleece can be easily worn as an outer layer on hikes and treks in chilly weather. Compared to a microfleece lightweight fleece jacket, the mid-weight fleece is much warmer and comes with higher insulating layers, not to mention, comfortable and breathable.

While there are limits to the level of flexibility you can find on mid-weight fleeces, they are generally thick enough to tolerate temperature drops. These fleeces come within the range of 200 to 300 gsm. You can pair it with a base layer and waterproof jacket, while making sure not to pursue high-energy activities.

  • Heavyweight fleece – With 300 gsm and more, the heavyweight fleece is your reliable partner for extremely cold conditions. You can wear this thermal fleece as an outer layer, giving you a great deal of insulation and defence against the cold. 

If you’re looking for a well-insulated fleece that offers extreme warmth, then the heavyweight fleece is your best selection. Make sure that you don’t select this fleece while exercising because they can really turn up the heat at levels not suitable for working out.

  • Textured Fleece – Textured fleece jackets share the same weight range as heavyweight fleeces. However, they adorn a patterned outer layer. The textured fleece is mostly designed for decorative purposes, although they do tend to be softer to the touch and offer comfort, more than regular fleece.

You will find that luxurious-looking and velvety, textured fleeces are more fashionable. They’re the ideal type to wear when roaming out in the cold, or even as a mid-layer when the chill increases.

What’s in it for you with Craghoppers Fleece?

Craghoppers fleece offers the following benefits:

  • Craghoppers fleece are extremely soft and plush.
  • They offer flexibility, durability and comfort
  • They are highly breathable and are moisture-resistant
  • You stay insulated in the rains

There’s more you need to be aware of when planning to buy a fleece jacket. Be it fleece hoodies or zip fleece jackets, there are some features that you should consider. While they are wearable for a long time, they resist moisture, while at the same they need to be kept away from inflammable items. They can burn easily, so make sure not to tumble dry or iron them.

You will also find a wide range of women’s fleece collection, stylish and colourful. Both men’s and women’s fleece jackets are made from materials like polyester or cotton, and sometimes a combination of both. Fleeces are wool-free, basically vegan clothing. 

Why do fleeces need to be breathable? Like any other out layer, your fleece jackets should offer you the comfort it promises. Therefore, they are designed considering their breathability factor. So, when your body temperature rises, you will sweat in order to initiate your body’s process of cooling down. While this happens, the breathable layers in your fleece can allow the perspiration to wick away from your body, keeping you dry and warm.

So, check out our collection of Craghoppers fleece jackets, and choose them based on your personal preferences like colour, design, and destination.

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1. Can I get long-sleeve fleece jackets?

Yes, we offer long-sleeve fleeces for men, women, and children.

2. Can I get a half-zipped fleece jacket for my kid?

Half-zipped fleece jackets are available on our Craghoppers fleece collections.

3. I live in a less cold region. Is a fleece suitable for me?

Yes, a microfleece jacket will suit you the best.

4. Do you sell stylish fleeces too?

Yes, we have a fashionable range of textured fleeces. Head over to our fleece section to view more.

5. Can I get a fleece jacket that is washable?

Yes, wash and wear fleece jackets are available.