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Front - Craghoppers Mens Expert Kiwi Tailored Trousers
Craghoppers Mens Expert Kiwi Tailored Trousers
Regular price£87.99£26.98-£39.63
Front - Craghoppers Mens Kiwi Lined Trousers
Craghoppers Mens Kiwi Lined Trousers
Regular price£77.99£61.96
Front - Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Expert Kiwi Trousers
Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Expert Kiwi Trousers
Regular price£68.99£55.48
Front - Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Dynamic Trousers
Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Dynamic Trousers
Regular price£57.99£45.74
Front - Craghoppers Mens Kiwi Slim Trousers
Craghoppers Mens Kiwi Slim Trousers
Regular price£72.99£41.73-£45.74
Front - Craghoppers Mens Kiwi Pro II Convertible Trousers
Craghoppers Mens Kiwi Pro II Convertible Trousers
Regular price£62.99£24.33-£49.75
Front - Craghoppers Womens/Ladies NosiLife Briar Trousers
Craghoppers Womens/Ladies NosiLife Briar Trousers
Regular price£70.99£27.47-£57.77
Front - Craghoppers Unisex Ascent Overtrousers
Craghoppers Unisex Ascent Overtrousers
Regular price£52.99£40.33-£44.69
Front - Craghoppers Mens NosiLife Lincoln Trousers
Craghoppers Mens NosiLife Lincoln Trousers
Regular price£142.99£48.83-£68.36
Front - Craghoppers Mens NosiLife Convertible II Trousers
Craghoppers Mens NosiLife Convertible II Trousers
Regular price£75.99£42.73-£62.13
Front - Craghoppers Mens Expert Kiwi Tailored Trousers
Craghoppers Mens Expert Kiwi Tailored Trousers
Regular price£67.99£38.14-£55.57
Front - Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Dynamic 3/4 Leggings
Craghoppers Womens/Ladies Dynamic 3/4 Leggings
Regular price£52.99£31.28
Front - Craghoppers Mens Dynamic Pro Trousers
Craghoppers Mens Dynamic Pro Trousers
Regular price£67.99£49.32-£53.76
Front - Craghoppers Mens Convertible II Nosilife Trousers
Craghoppers Mens Convertible II Nosilife Trousers
Regular price£87.99£65.00-£70.85

Craghoppers Trousers

You can never ‘not’ need new trousers in your wardrobe. There’s always an occasion that requires that pair of trousers that hasn’t reached your closet. Luckily, fashion evolves and so do our taste preferences in what we wear, so there’s always room for experimenting with one’s look. If you’re looking for trousers to up your style, Craghoppers trousers for men and women are enough to push you in the right direction. 

However, people are often confused about the kind of trousers that they should buy. Most people may not be aware that they need trousers of a certain kind. To add to the dilemma of how many you need, there’s also the part where you may have outgrown your previous set. We all change physiologically through the years; it’s only right that we buy a fresh range of Craghoppers trousers to suit our style and comfort requirements. Universal Textiles is here to fix your trouser needs.

Benefits of wearing Craghoppers trousers

We’re always on the lookout for the right kind of trouser that makes us feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time. You need to feel good about yourself, and clothes that fit well contribute largely to the state of your mood.

Here’s what you can get when you buy Craghoppers trousers:

  • Quick drying – Craghoppers trousers dry quickly after washing. So, you can wear them sooner than expected.
  • Elasticated waist – Need a comfy stretch at your waistline? These trousers will make you want to buy more.
  • Freedom of movement – The flexibility offered with these trousers give you the freedom to walk worry-free.
  • Fleece lined – Get the added comfort of fleece lined trousers for increased warmth, prevent wrinkles, increased durability, and to keep you warm and dry.
  • Sun protective – These trousers are designed with UPF 40+ sun-protection, so you don’t have to worry about any damage to your skin from increased exposure to the sun.

Five types of Craghoppers Trousers to add to your wardrobe

When you have a set of trousers picked for specific occasions, you know you’ve got covered. We recommend you consider these collections as your five major go-to trousers.

1. Durable trousers – You want trousers that you can wear for a long time, without having to buy a new pair more frequently. For this reason, Craghoppers men’s outdoor Kiwi Ripstop Trousers are your perfect fit. They’re available in varying sizes, and made from 67% polyester and 33% cotton. Its pocket bags are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. These trousers are solar shield designed with UPF 40+ sun-protection. They are designed to dry faster using the SmartDry Eco technology. You can wash and wear them easily without the hassles of waiting longer periods to let them dry. These trousers have 10 pockets including five zipped and one mobile phone pocket.

2. Sun-protected trousers – For women who believe in self-care, these trousers are a must have. The Craghoppers Ladies Kiwi II Sun proof Trousers offers you a sun shield of up to UPF 50+ protection to shelter you from harmful UV rays. They’re also Nosi defence designed to keep insect bites at bay. These stretchable trousers are wash and wear, ideal as walking trousers, and are available in varying waist sizes and lengths.

3. Rainproof overtrousers – If you don’t have these Craghoppers Unisex Ascent Overtrousers, it’s time you get them. Available with a long-length zip and adjustable ankle for quick access, they are waterproof and lightweight. So, you won’t feel like you’re walking heavily during the rains. Protect your regular trousers by wearing these rainproof trousers, and also pack them away easily when you don’t need them. Made from 100% polyamide, use these unisex Overtrousers to make your rainy days moonwalk by smoothly.

4. Convertible trousers – Here’s the deal! Sometimes, you want to buy trousers that are practical and hackable. The pro convertible trousers are your best bet. Taking a walk on the beach, but tempted to dip your feet in the waters? No need to pull up and wrinkle your trousers. Simply, unzip the extension and you’re good to go. These trousers give you the added benefits of being lightweight, UPF + sun protected, insect-proof, and odour control technology. For men, you can check out the Nosilife Pro Convertible Ii Trousers, and for women, click on Kiwi Pro Ii Convertible Trousers.

5. Waterproof protection trousers – Get this stretchable and waterproof trousers for women. Perfect to combat the rains and walk worry-free in the outdoors. Designed with AquaDry technology and made from 100% polyester, you could not have asked for any better. It has multiple insulated pockets, so you can simply place personal belongings in your pockets and not worry about them getting wet from the rains.

Check more Craghoppers trousers to find your ideal match, available in varying colours and sizes.

Choosing trousers that are right for you

Wearing trousers that fit well are first preference when it comes to selecting a pair. However, looks matter too! The difference is that many people try to fit into trousers that are currently trending. We recommend you go for trousers that look trendy on you, on the other way around. The more you dress smartly, the better you look and feel about yourself.

Also, dress for the occasion still stands true for today. Make sure that you wear formal trousers for events that call for it, and casuals with family and friends.

If you’re looking for trousers to fit your fashion and comfort needs, Craghoppers Trousers are available online. 

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1. Can I get trousers for hiking?

Yes, Craghoppers hiking trousers are available.

2. Can I get trousers tailored to my size?

We do not provide custom-made designs. Varying sizes and lengths are available.

3. How can I check if these trousers fit me?

We provide a size chart online for identifying your measurements.

4. I need trousers that have multiple pockets.

Craghoppers trousers are available with few to multiple pockets as per your preference.

5. How long will it take to deliver the trousers I order online?

Any package takes 4-5 working days to leave our warehouse.