Keep warm with these 6 items for Winter Hiking

Keep warm with these 6 items for Winter Hiking

  • Sharique SEOTONIC

Not sure how to stay active during the winter season? How about going hiking with your partner? Winter hiking is a great activity to pursue if you’re the adventurous kind and do not prefer straying indoors. If you’re the type then this post will help you stay prepared with what to wear for a hiking trip. 

6 items crucial for winter hiking

We hope you’ve got pen and paper ready with you; here we go! 

  1. Wear base layers to keep you warm – Choose base layers that are antibacterial and wick away moisture. Read the label attached to the clothing to understand what you’re buying.


  1. Wear a fleece jacket over your base layer – Now that you’ve got your base layers, it’s time to step it up with a fleece jacket. They are lightweight, offering warmth without making you feel too heavy. They’re also easy to take on and off, while packing into your rucksack. Check out these Caterpillar fleece collections with varied sizes and versatile styles.


  1. Choose a jacket instead if it gets even colder – Or, you may wear a jacket over your fleece, so you get even warmer in extremely cold regions. When hiking, it can get real cold compared to the ground level, so a jacket traps warm air and retains the heat. Try selecting waterproof jackets that are lightweight if you are travelling to a place where it rains heavily. Here are some waterproof and padded jackets that can keep you warm and cosy during your hike.


  1. Wear waterproof trousers – Be it a cold or rainy place, your trousers need to be waterproof. There could be extreme downpour, and your trousers will ensure that you stay dry. Pick fleece-lined and stretch trousers or thermal leggings to keep you warm. Feel free to check out these waterproof trousers if you don’t have your size right now.


  1. Winter hiking boots for icy grounds – The uneven grounds and unexpected levels can hurt your feet when walking too long. We strongly recommend you go with hiking boots made with soles with deep lugs, patterned for extra grip on slippery surfaces. Need to check your options to buy the best boots for your hiking trip? Browse through these Caterpillar shoes with a dynamic range of boots suited for the adventure.


  1. Beanies, gloves, and scarves – You’ve got your entire body covered with base layers, fleeces, jackets, waterproof trousers and boots. What else do you need? The accessories are just as crucial when it comes to winter hiking. Since the majority of body heat escapes through your head, a beanie can help retain that heat. Even choose a balaclava to protect your face from bitter winds; while wearing warm gloves. Choose a warm knitted scarf if you don’t have a balaclava packed with you.

We hope you are confident about your hiking trip with these six essential items. Stay active and healthy during the winters, and create more memories with loved ones.