How to choose when browsing for Walking Boots

How to choose when browsing for Walking Boots

  • Sharique SEOTONIC

If it’s one thing almost everyone knows, it’s that high-cut walking boots are most preferred. However, it really depends on your usage. Higher-cut boots are meant to protect your ankle from sharp rocks and thorns. They’re meant to keep your feet dry in wet environments. 

On the other hand, low-cut walking boots are lightweight, making them more useful for a day hike. They are more breathable and offer better comfort for a light walk during the day. 

In this post, we’re going to talk about the type of walking boots out there for you. This way, you know what to choose when browsing for walking boots. 

When should you choose walking boots over walking shoes?

If you’ve got longer distances of walking on uneven grounds, then you need to choose walking boots. Walking boots come with higher construction, which means you get the support and protection you need while walking. They also provide more warmth in colder regions. Look at these collections of Regatta Walking Boots that offer style, comfort and variety. 

Walking shoes are meant for more uneven grounds. They are less obtrusive on the ankles and are lightweight, allowing for more mobility and flexibility in the foot. However, walking shoes do not offer the comfort and support that walking boots have to provide. 

Choosing between fabric versus leather boots

Walking boots are made from leather, synthetic, or suede; that said, fabric boots are lighter while leather boots are durable. So, if you are wondering which boots are good for you, these pointers can help you better decide. 

Leather boots are tougher material while they are heavy in weight. But, rest assured, they will support your feet and ankles when walking through rough, abrasive areas. They’re also obviously fully covered, last longer and are easy to clean. They might be slightly more expensive given the benefits, and are less breathable. 

Fabric boots are lightweight, breathable, cheaper, and less effort to wear. However, they do not offer as much protection, so do not wear them during rougher walks. They are harder to clean due to the material, and may need reproofing regularly. 

Choosing walking boots with fleeces

As unrelated as this might seem, it’s important to consider what you are pairing when you’re wearing walking boots with fleeces. The matching styles are a factor many consider, so even if you don’t, this may help you. For instance, Regatta fleeces come in a variety of forms, from padded to softshell jackets. So, if you’re travelling to a cold region with uneven roads, high-cut boots with a padded long fleece jacket is a great choice. 

On the other hand, if you are going for a regular walk to the park or an evening stroll. Then low-cut walking boots with a lightweight softshell fleece jacket will do you well. 

The anatomy of walking boots can get so specific that you need to go deeper into what you’re looking for! That said, we hope our advice sees you well through some amazing walking boot collections this year.