How to make sure your waterproof jacket truly guards you against the rains

How to make sure your waterproof jacket truly guards you against the rains

  • Sharique SEOTONIC

How would you know if your jacket is actually waterproof? There are other ways than to stand in the rain and test drive your jacket’s capabilities. Let’s find out! 

How to check if your waterproof jacket is waterproof?

Remember that the more breathable your jacket, the more comfort you’ll find wearing it. The more moisture it can move from the inside of your jacket to the outside, the more the breathability factor. Before we go any further, check out these Craghoppers waterproof jackets or Craghoppers fleeces to find the perfect one suited to your style. 

Now, if you are buying a waterproof jacket, be it online or offline, check for the inner layer. The inner layer typically has PU or Polyurethane on the face fabric. PU is what gives you that waterproof layer and breathability factor. PU is either painted or stuck on the face fabric. Both these methods of application of PU define where you can use the jacket. 

So, the PU-coated fabric is the one where PU is painted to the face fabric, and they’re used for light walks. The PU that’s stuck like a single sheet onto the face fabric is called the PU Laminate. These are designed for activities such as running or going on long walks. 

Now, a PU-coated jacket has its pockets put lower on the jacket so you can slip your hands into them during a stroll. A PU Laminate has its pockets slightly above the lower part of the jacket so you can attach a rucksack while running, etc. The hood also is studier while also allowing the flexibility to move around and see better. Unlike the PU-coated jacket, the hood won’t flap around; so, you get a much better view of where you’re headed during a long job in the park. 

What if you want a top-quality waterproof jacket?

You know what to look for a waterproof jacket that’s used for different purposes. But, if you want something that’s top-quality, and you feel that you need a stronger jacket. You want it to provide you with a solid waterproof ability, be it for walking or mountain climbing. Basically, if you are looking for something with a higher ability, then the membrane jacket is your next pick. 

Now, the membrane jacket or Gore-Tex has high breathability. Gore-Tex is basically plumber’s tape, and it is used in membrane jackets to create more breathability. So, they stretch it out to sustain its waterproof capabilities. At the same time, it allows moisture to move through it at a faster rate, making it much more breathable. So, membrane jackets can either have two or three layers. The two-layer construction has a mesh that covers the Gore-Tex layer. The three-layer construction has a protective coating that protects the membrane from oil, dirt, etc. that can affect the breathability factor. 

So, this is how you’ll know what you’re buying to keep you warm and dry during the winters. We hope you find the right waterproof jacket suited to you.