Does your jacket have permanent waterproof ability?

Does your jacket have permanent waterproof ability?

  • Sharique SEOTONIC

Are you looking for a Trespass waterproof jacket because the old one doesn’t rain-guard you anymore? Trespass coats are breathable and incredibly durable; however, every rain gear has its limits. 

Here’s what you need to know about waterproof jackets and coats; they’re never going to keep you dry forever. Waterproof rain gear experiences a wet out after repeatedly experiencing regular or heavy showers. So, does this mean that you need to throw them away and buy another waterproof jacket? We offer a better way! 

Before we let you in on this secret, let’s first understand the dynamics of a waterproof jacket. Promise, we’ll keep it simple and quick! 

Understanding your waterproof jacket’s ability to keep you dry

The truth is that a waterproof jacket can never protect you from the rain forever. But, until it completely wears out, you can offer it some treatment. Waterproof jackets or coats experience what is known as a wet out. 

A wet out happens when the outer layer of your jacket loses the ability to bead up water and shed it out quickly. A wet out refers to your jacket reaching its saturation point – I can’t take it anymore! That’s what your jacket is telling you, that it can’t guard you against the rains anymore. 

What happens is that breathable layers are meant to bead up the water that falls onto your jacket. After this, the out fabric is supposed to roll this water down quickly. A waterproof jacket is able to do this because of its Durable Water Repellent finish or DWR. However, over time, this DWR finish wears out, losing the ability to not shed out the incoming water or the body’s perspiration anymore. 

As a result, the water is soaked in, saturating the layers of the jacket. Condensation builds up on the inside of the jacket, not allowing it to get out. You feel sweaty, uncomfortable, and blame the jacket for its quality. When in fact, it takes a little bit of treatment to make it right again. 

How to treat the wet out?

What do you do in times like these? You can buy a new Trespass waterproof jacket, or you can treat it and re-waterproof it. 

Firstly, remember to semi-regularly wash your jacket rather than letting it dry after countless exposures to the rain. However, when the wetting out begins despite the washes, it’s time to use a tech wash that technically gets rid of the oil, dirt, and grime. It’s a solution you can spray on the jacket during the first wash. After this, allow it to dry, and then spray the DWR treatment solution evenly across the jacket. Allow it to rest for a few minutes and then remove any excess product with a damp cloth. You can then hang-dry your jacket until it’s completely dry, or you can tumble dry without applying the heat feature. 

And that’s it, you’re done! Now you can wear your waterproof jacket again. Make sure to keep it clean so your jacket or coat can last a long time.