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Front - Shugon Matterhorn Hiker Backpack
Shugon Matterhorn Hiker Backpack
Regular price£69.99£42.46
Front - Shugon Hannover Laptop Backpack
Shugon Hannover Laptop Backpack
Regular price£30.99£18.40
Front - Shugon Geneva Backpack (19 Litres)
Shugon Geneva Backpack (19 Litres)
Regular price£16.99£12.42
Front - Shugon Kyoto Ultimate Backpack
Shugon Kyoto Ultimate Backpack
Regular price£16.99£12.78
Front - Shugon Burmoos Leisure Bag
Shugon Burmoos Leisure Bag
Regular price£10.99£6.10
Front - Shugon Dundee Work Holdall
Shugon Dundee Work Holdall
Regular price£32.99£24.84
Front - Shugon Derby Retro Backpack
Shugon Derby Retro Backpack
Regular price£15.99£11.68
Front - Shugon Marathon Sports Holdall
Shugon Marathon Sports Holdall
Regular price£16.99£12.78
Front - Shugon Andros Barrel Holdall
Shugon Andros Barrel Holdall
Regular price£17.99£13.34
Front - Shugon Stuttgart Laptop Backpack
Shugon Stuttgart Laptop Backpack
Regular price£21.99£16.46

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Affordable prices and attention to detail make Shugon a leading luggage and promotional accessory brand. With over twenty years of experience, their durable designs are constructed with printing and personal customisation in mind, making them the perfect choice for businesses looking to advertise. The Shugon range includes Shugon Tote Bags, Toiletry Bags, Conference Bags, Shugon Messenger Bags, Shugon Holdalls, Duffle Bags, Shugon Backpacks, Hi-Vis Rucksacks, Shugon Laptop Cases and Trolley Bags.